Link to Seth Moulton’s White Paper American High Speed Rail

Democratic US House Representative Seth Moulton is an advocate for mass transportation generally, and high speed rail transportation more specifically. The argument he makes is that HSR will give transportation consumers more options, generate wealth way over and above the costs of building the system, reduce pollution, and spur the growth of smart urban development. It is broken up into sections that make the 30 page report easier to digest. Representative Moulton also cites his sources. I will come back to review these sources as I develop my own policies and stances on mass transit. I encourage the reader to do the same. Even though this is about HSR, the same general principals apply to a bus and commuter train system in Northwest Arkansas. Finally, many of the policies Rep. Moulton advocates directly impact NWA’s ability to build out an integrated green mass transit system and link that system to smart urban development.

Click on the link below to read Seth Moulton’s white paper: American High-Speed Rail & Rebuilding the US Economy.

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