News Alert A Transformative Rail Vision

This is a list of rail projects by the Biden Administration. There are the usual suspects, the NE Corridor HSR, Texas Central HSR, and the California HSR.

Now go to page 6 and take a gander at item number 2 under 75 New Conventional Intercity and Regional Routes. We find the Arkansas Traveler running from Little Rock to Memphis along a 133 mile route on the Union Pacific line.

The Arkansas Traveler, can I call them or what? There is no mention of a HSR between NWA and LR. I do remember from years ago an article in the Arkansas Times about a passenger train that ran down the western side of the state called The Arkansas Express. Hmmm. If you go back up to page 4 you find a list of High Speed Rail projects. One of them is Chicago-St Louis-Kansas City project. I will post a copy of the Missouri Railroad map below to show how easy it is to connect NWA to KC by rail. We could have a Regional train, the New Arkansas Express, running from Fort Smith thru NWA to Monet MO via the A&M Railroad. Then connect with Missouri and Northern Arkansas Rail up to KC. The Amtrak station in KC is a large beautiful building that also let you catch the Southwest Chief to parts, well, southwest and would be the terminal for the KC to Chicago HSR. The Arkansas Express could be a useful connection. And a once a day regional train may help us prove our case for commuter rail AND a HSR line between NWA and LR. Hmmm.

Here is the article:

Here is the Arkansas & Missouri Rail Map taking us from Fort Smith to Monet Missouri.

Here is the system map for the Missouri and Northern Arkansas Railroad. From Monet MO one can take a BNSF railroad to Springfield MO. Or go to Carthage MO and join the M&NA to KC MO. So this opens up two destinations for us.

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