Member Thomas Brown works as a Planning Commissioner at the City of Fayetteville Arkansas. He wrote this article about Tier Centers at my behest. He is an expert in this field and I am a mere beginner. Also I wanted to learn more. Here’s Tom.

Integrating Transit with Affordable Housing Development in FayettevilleThe recently updated 2040 City Plan for Fayetteville has incorporated two new land use planning tools to help the City accommodate future population growth in a manor that encourages the development of affordable housing near transit:1. The Growth Concept MapThe Growth Concept Map depicts how Fayetteville should grow over the next 20 years. It is dominated by the distribution of approximately 37 Tier Centers at varying scales (downtown, regional and neighborhood).2. The Tier Center ConceptThe Tier Centers are intended to be mixed-use nodes that are pedestrian-friendly areas served by current or future transit service. They are compact mixed-use, mixed-density transit oriented developments planned around transit stations or stops and accessible to walkable mixed-Income neighborhoods.Affordable housing near transit is a powerful approach to addressing some of Fayetteville’s biggest challenges:* An economic equity solution that saves families time and money.* A climate solution because lower income households drive less and are more likely to use transit than higher income households.* A traffic solution because making it easy to get around without a car leads to less driving.* And a public health and environmental justice solution because less driving means cleaner air.Therefore, we hope the NWA Council’s new Workforce Housing Center and our Regional Transit Authority, ORT will partner with the City of Fayetteville to thoroughly explore strategies to integrate affordable housing in the implementation of the Fayetteville Growth Concept Map and Tier Center Concept.This post is clipped to an article from the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Initiative at NC State that adds more informative detail on the integration of Transit Oriented Development and Affordable Housing.

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