Our Second Fundraiser

Okay, we have $195.00 in our company bank account. Jane Ann Loyd and I put up some money to start the account. Two members sent checks to me. Also I received my debit card from Arrest today. We need $275 for our IRS filing fee. So why am I asking for $300? It is good to keep some money in the bank. We will want to have dues paying members at some point and the applications to manage member lists cost money. We will then want use that money to start renting space and A/V equipment to hold public meetings. And there are other big plans in the works. It takes money and we want to grease the wheels as it were. So this will work out better than Facebook. And we can go beyond the Facebook community to email lists, Twitter, our website, and other platforms as well. This is another case where #ConnectivityIsDensity

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