The Great Transit City Scenario

A scenario is a another word for a screenplay. A screenplay is used as a blueprint for making a movie. A great deal comes from a screenplay. For one thing as Steven Spielberg said, “If it ain’t on the page it ain’t on the stage.” Everything in the story from character development, to dialogue, to locations (possibly), to costume and production design come from the screenplay, erm, scenario.

Almost a decade ago a scenario was done to design a light rail tram to run on Hwy. 71B AKA College Ave from MLK to Zion Road out by NWA Mall. The study’s title is Transit City Scenario Plan and it was done by the University of Arkansas Community Design Center (UACDC). The idea is to create growth along the College Ave corridor and to contain sprawl, while using zero emission electric vehicles. Reduce greenhouse gases, help build small business, create art spaces, and with a modern rail system? I’m all in.

Here is what ORBTS member Tom Brown had to say on our Facebook page: “

What if Fayetteville could create a five-mile long streetcar system connecting the Downtown to the Uptown Area along a signature multi-modal “Great Street” that would feature outdoor public art, pedestrian malls and mixed-use transit-oriented neighborhoods that socially and environmentally optimize its residential, commercial and transportation future. This is the scenario that the UACDC* explored and illustrated as it’s preferred transformation of College Avenue between the intersections of MLK and Zion Road. Supporting the potential realization of the UACDC’s vision of the transformation of College Avenue, the City has recently adopted a 71B Corridor Plan and negotiated the transfer of management control of the old 71B route along North College and South School. But, a critical future task for the Ozark Regional Transit Authority is to plan, construct and manage a streetcar system within the 71B Corridor Plan right-of-way. *Fayetteville 2030: Transit City Scenario Plan by the University of Arkansas Community Design Center (UACDC)”

Here is the complete report here so you know what the planners were talking about.

Transit City Scenario

To whet your appetite for more, here is an example of a tram system I rather like. The tram system in Strasberg, France. Time to dream, to plan, to work to make this happen.

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