Call to Action Summer 2021

There is so much going on in terms of rail and transportation legistation that it is hard to keep up with everything. There are a number of bills rumbling in the halls of congress that will be decided soon and all of them need our attention. Thankfully the Rail Passengers Association is keeping up with all the transportation bills for us. They have a page where you can see what is going on. They include information and suggestions for how to approach your congressional representatives.

Here is the link to RPA’s Action Page

Please support the Rail Passenger Fairness Act. The major problem with Amtrak now, and for the last 50 years, is on time performance. Most passenger rails are late around 85% of the time. The reason is freight train companies deny Amtrak fair, and agreed upon, usage of their tracks. If you are on Amtrak use the #latebyfreight hashtag if your train is late due to moving over for freight trains.

Here is the contact information for Arkansas Congressional delegation.

It may take a little work but please I know you care enough be part of ORBTS. And I’m sharing this on the Arkansas Rail Riders Facebook page plus my personal Facebook page. Read the articles, then contact our congressmen and tell them you support dedicated funding for Amtrak, fair usage, and high speed rail. Choose how to contact them. Then please share you experience with the rest of us. What did they say? Were you happy with their response? Do you believe them? The more of us who contact our 6 representatives and Senators the better.

Remember no more #latebyfreight

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