August Update

I am still waiting on Facebook to clear us for fundraising. I thought I would know by now, and I don’t know what is taking so long. The plan is to use FB to raise from $200 to $500. Then use that to pay for upgrading our website so I can add a donation button. Members can donate once a year or on a monthly basis. From there we will add services to members and continue to grow. Also fundraisers are a great way to spread the word about ORBTS. I wanted to wait until we could accept donations before contacting the local news media about us or reaching out to NW Council.

As for public meetings: I really want to move from social media contact to more in person and social contact. With the same numbers of COVID patients and deaths as this time last year. And the Delta variant even more virulent it is obvious that we have to wait. I am frustrated beyond words. But empty anger won’t change anything. We will make do with what we can make happen on social media.
I was contacted by Darlene Goldi Gaines who is running for Arkansas Commissioner of State Lands. She is interested in our passenger rail agenda. We had a brief exchange on FB Messager today. We plan on continuing our conversation later.

Until we can get the wheels turning on raising some dough for ORBTS, please give to the Rail Passengers Association, and the High Speed Rail Alliance. Both do exceptional work on a national level.

For the good of all Green Mass Transit. (Marvel fans will understand that) and #connectivityisdensity

Peace out y’all

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