Three At Once, Can We Do It?

This is the season of giving and right now I am asking for a small amount of time. The Build Back Better bill is in the US Senate. It looks like tough going for BBB. Here’s what we can do; we can write and call. I am posting the contact info for Tom Cotton and John Boozeman. Please call their office, or write an email and urge them to vote for BBB.

I know what you are thinking since I am thinking the same thing. It’s hopeless. To rebut I say we try anyway. Tom Cotton may feel secure but Senator Boozeman is at 38% favorable in the polls. 38% for an incumbent. During an election year. Ordinarily things wouldn’t be looking good for Senator Boozeman. These aren’t ordinary times. If he survives his primary, and at this point, who knows? He will need to build some goodwill among moderates in Arkansas. It’s slim but I think we have a chance.

Here’s his contact info from his Senate website:

Tom Cotton may not bend to pressure but let’s try anyway.

We have over 600 people on our Facebook/Meta group. If even 150 follow through that’s 150 more voters they hear from than they will normally. And Politicians think that one message or letter means there are at least 300 more in addition for each contact. Elections are decided on less. That is why we have a chance to get them to listen to us.

I am also asking each of you to contact your mayor and ask them to contact our Governor. Ask the Governor to request funding from DC for our rail system.

And I am raising funds for the Rail Passengers Association for Giving Tuesday. I hope Meta, the company formally known as Facebook, will give RPA some matching dollars. Even if they don’t I am trying to get $500 for them. Here’s the link for the fundraiser.

3 at once, can we do it? Yes, just a few minutes over a couple of days will have a big impact on local and state policy. And $5 from a fraction of our members will save the day. I know you can do it.

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