Ah, There’s Good News Tonight

In the 1930’s when Americans didn’t know when they were going to recover from the Great Depression, they looked for any good news they could get. To start a news cast off with the line in our title was making a promise that things, no matter how bad they are now, are getting better.

When I, and we, started this over 3 years ago, there was no hope that we would get any of what we want done. Now, we have a pro-transit, and pro-passenger train, President in the White House. We have the beginning of good funding for mass transit projects around the US. Later, I will tell you about the leaders in our Regional Transit Authority asking for passenger rail to come through NWA.

And now this. The Rail Passengers Association is doing nationally what ORBTS is doing locally: Promoting passenger rail in all its forms, and public transportation too. March 27th to March 30th, RPA will have a Spring Meeting on Capital Hill in Washington DC. The RPA is electing delegates from every state in the Union to attend and to advocate for strengthening passenger rail.

I ran to represent Arkansas for a two year period. I emailed the RPA to see when the election was going to happened. Here is their response.

Hi Richard,

Elections are being held as we speak in the six states where there were more candidates than delegate seats. In Arkansas, the incumbent, —– ——, did not run, so as the only declared and qualified candidate for the single AR seat, you will be the upcoming delegate.


I am making plans to travel to DC but there may not be a physical meeting. This is due to not only COVID but January 6th is fresh on everyone’s mind. There are safety protocols a-plenty, and so many staffers and Congressional representatives from both Houses of Congress may not be willing to meet a bunch of people on Capital Hill. So we will see. Just in case I am going to reserve a room, and maybe buy a new suit. I am super excited by this. I hope I do get to meet some politicos in DC and advocate for our plans for regional, commuter, and light rail here in NWA. After I return I want to have a party or at least a Zoom Meeting where I give you the low down on what happened.

I also want to use the last part of the week to finally take a ride on the Acela Liberty. America’s first HSR train. I can’t wait.

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