Action Alert: Write Letters to the Editor

There is a lot of work involved in what we are trying to do. One thing we haven’t put energy into is writing Letters to the Editor. Writing and getting your LttE published is a proven tactic to shaping public opinion. We need at least one LttE per week.

Here is what we can do. ORBTS has a group page on Facebook. Some of you have noticed we also have a ORBTS Page on FB. That’s so we can raise funds on FB and have them send the money to our bank account. Use the Page to organize your schedule. If someone has not announced that they are writing this week, you can write yours. And you can post your letter beforehand on the Page and workshop it for maximum impact. You can find the page here:

What to write? Good question! You may write what you want but keep our 2 goals in mind. 1) is to pass dedicated funding for Ozark Regional Transit Authority. They need a platform of steady funding to build a world class transit network here in NWA. 2) we want passenger rail in all its forms in NWA. Light rail which is smaller, smooth, and slow but carries a lot of people. Commuter rail which is a full size train that runs all day between the 4 Cities. And a link to the national passenger railroad network. This can include High Speed Rail.

We have a number of posts here with information you may use to bolster your message. Go through them and find any information you need. If you need more Information let me or better yet let the group know. Someone will help you.

Where to post? Go here to the ARK GAZ LttE submission page.

Let’s get started this week if we can. Any of you can sign up and we need volunteers. This will be an important part of campaigning for dedicated funding for ORTA. And who knows your letter may influence someone to vote with us. It’s worth a chance.

If you want more on HSR check this video out.

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