How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love California High Speed Rail

There was another subject I have been researching but this new video from Alan Fisher, aka The Armchair Urbanist, caught my eye. And ears, and brain. It is an important topic and this is why. In our efforts to progress our cause we have to learn to deal with criticism and ridicule. There are sites, some funded by very wealthy people, I’m looking at you Logic TV, that attack the idea of rail travel. The California HSR Project is ripe for attack because it is taking so long and costing so much.

Or is it? Turns maybe not. There are cost overruns and these are caused by some common mistakes we Americans make when we build big infrastructure projects. This is why Mr. Fisher and I agree that the CHSR Project is a learning lab for follow on projects around the country. Including here in Arkansas. We can learn from what Cali is getting wrong and just as important what Cali is getting right. And we better grow some thicker skin PDQ because the more I look at HSR and green mass transit the more attainable it becomes. Things are going our way. For now. Let’s look at an example of a retort so we can keep the momentum going:

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