The New Acela (Avelia Liberty) at Union Station

As I noted before I had the pleasure to ride the Acela last March from Washington DC to Baltimore MD on a Sunday. Then from Union Station to Boston Mass on a Wednesday. The train was full each time. I really enjoyed the ride and it was very affordable. Although at 20+ years old, it is getting, shall we say, a bit worn.

For technical context the Acela I rode is TGV from Alstom, the French Bullet Train. The Avelia Liberty is the new AGV, also from Alstom.

We can whet our appetites for new iron with these videos. First we scope out the new Acela, Amelia Liberty train, sitting in Union Station in DC.

Here’s a video of the Avelia Liberty pulling out of Union Station on a test run. The new trains aren’t in service yet. There are some tech issues which is disappointing however, I appreciate Amtrak and Alstom wanting to get it right.

The Northeast Corridor rail bed is in need of major rebuilding and upgrading. That is why the trains are limited to 150 – 160 MPH. But that’s another story.

Here is a video that is a mini documentary about Amtrak and HSR. It is a couple of years old but the basic information is good. The Avelia will start running next spring, 2023. Enjoy.

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