Candidate Forum

We have about 80 days more or less (with early voting) until the election this November. This is a call to all candidates no matter what public office you run for to step up and share your transportation ideas/vision/platform with ORBTS. We give you a free forum. It not only helps you, it helps us. Members of ORBTS want to know where candidates stand on issues that are important to us. National and state elected officials can get money for for projects. City and county elected officials have an impact on how money is spent locally, and we have seen that here in Washington County the last few years. Keeping streets and roads in good repair helps move transportation along. Plus local elected officials can integrate plans for public transit with housing development. Everyone running for office is important and we want to hear from you. We want to know how to cast our vote. So send us your statement.

If anyone reading this is a candidate or knows a candidate contact me at, our organization email. I will post the response on our website. If a candidate doesn’t respond, I will post that too. Remember we are looking to see who we throw our weight behind. And we have about 700 members.

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