Behold! The future!

This video is a little bit old (2016) but still relevant. The video below describes the research of French manufacturer Alstom. Since 2016 in real world tests the technology described below is proven. In my life I have watched the USA squander every chance to reduce CO2 emissions. This is crazy and now it is bitting us in the ass. This new tech is a chance to turn our history of ignoring greenhouse gas emissions around.

29% of CO2 emissions are from transportation. Using more rail will greatly reduce those numbers. Using hydrogen will radically improve those numbers while enhancing our quality of life. 

Here’s how it works:

And this is where the research has led Europe. Passenger rail service with only steam emissions is starting now.

For our use hydrogen has several sources. We will get to that but one thing at a time. For now let’s consider the possibility of using hydrogen to power trains up and down the tracks in Arkansas and all over America.

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