The October 13, 2022 Livestream with Lauren Mallet Hays On Passenger Rail in Arkansas

Here is the video of the discussion I had with one of the candidates for Arkansas CD 3. Lauren Mallet Hays wanted to know more about passenger rail, its possibilities and impact for Arkansas. I tried to provide facts to answer her queries. We discussed the types of rail, the plans and means of implementing passenger rail, some details about costs, some details about possibilities, economic impact (which goes beyond who rides), and how to pay for it (National Infrastructure Bank is the best way IMHO). Also High Speed Rail (I was literally wearing the shirt).

Please take the time to look at it. We packed a lot of information into less than an hour. If you have questions, or you know I got something factually wrong (notice the wording here) please post here or wherever I share this on social media. Sometimes I get something wrong and you can count on me to correct it. If you are tired of the name calling, the endless drama, and downright buffoonery of politics as it is portrayed on MSM and the off brands. Then pay attention to those who offer solid policy ideas and who back their ideas up with facts and action.

For more information on the National Infrastructure Bank and HB 3339 you can go to

For more information on High Speed Rail, Interstate Passenger Rail Compacts, and Big Picture State Rail Plans you can go to:

In addition to ORBTS as your local advocates there is the Rail Passengers Association for national advocacy.

If you are part of a campaign for Mr Womack and any other candidate this fall, I am open to appearing in public on whatever forum is good for you. I will answer any questions you have and give you the best information available on transportation policy.

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