Response From Asa Hutchinson

As you may recall I sent Governor Asa Hutchinson a letter on behalf of ORBTS to request that he include Arkansas in the Corridor Identification Program. If we are to have more passenger rail in Arkansas and in NWA this is how it’s done. Short of a couple of billionaires financing the whole thing. But where will we find a couple of billionaires around here? This is the body of the letter from Governor Hutchinson I received yesterday.

“Dear Richard, Thank you for your letter regarding rail networks in Arkansas. Please know that I understand the importance of reliable passenger and commercial transit in our state, and I appreciate your insight in this area.

“I have shared your suggestions with legislative liaison for the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT). ARDOT works with railroads operating in the state for planning and project coordination purposes but has limited influence over the provision of rail infrastructure or rail service. However, ARDOT staff will contact your organization in the near future to hear your ideas during their ongoing development of the State Rail Plan.

“Thank you, again, for your letter and for reaching out to my office.”

These are the facts. I will collate the responses I have received soon so you can see what the various candidates have to say. You may remember that candidate Chris Jones responded on Twitter!

One response to “Response From Asa Hutchinson”

  1. Richard, Thank you for sending the letter to the Governor. I am hearted to hear him say that ArDOT a staff will be contacting ORBTS to hear our thoughts and potentially incorporate them into the update of the State Rail Plan. It is a similar message that we heard from ArDOT Staff at a recent public input session for the update of their Statewide Transit Coordination Plan. This leads me to believe the Governor is talking to his ArDOT Staff. I look forward to ORBTS membership being able to provide comment about our vision of Passenger Rail service in the State and NWA.


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