NWA GO Group Name Change

We are now NWA GO. The reason for the name change is that we want to start a YouTube channel. When I began to do that I found that we share too many words in our old name with Ozark Regional Transit Authority. This was confusing. We want the public to us when they look for us online. That is how it works.

I selected this name because other transportation groups use the word “Go” in their title. Think Portland Go. It is short and catchy, and gets our point across.

We have a group meeting today where I will formally announce the new name. Then I will start sending messages to our network that we have changed our name, and I will ask for a new logo using NWA GO.

Also today we will discuss the new Board of Directors. If we don’t have all the positions for Board nominated, there will be eight, then we won’t vote on the Board today. I will discuss how important it is that we fill all the positions. We need a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, an Operations Manager, and three (3) At Large Members. The At Large Board Members will help us maintain quorum if some of the other members can’t make it to a lord meeting.

We really need a Treasurer.

Once again you may join us at 2 PM, at the ORTA Building, 2423 E Robinson Ave, Springdale AR. Go through the gate and park in the back. We will have someone meet you and bring you to the conference room where we meet.

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