Public Meetings, Budgets, and Email

Our NWA GO public meetings are on the second Saturday of every month held at 2 PM (1400 hours military time). That means our next meeting is on February 11, 2023. The next meeting after that is March 11, 2023. NWA GO meetings are held at Ozark Regional Transit Authority Headquarters located at 2423 East Robinson Ave, Springdale, Arkansas. East Robinson is also known as Highway 412. It is super easy to find. Go through the guard gate and park in the back. Someone will be watching for you and we can show you into the conference room.

We want to start streaming the meetings. We need to purchase Zoom for NWA GO.

In fact we are starting to have a budget. We had issues with the donation button on Word Press but that is fixed. You can now send in money monthly or annually. We need about $118 for the Word Press fees and the domain name. We need $48 a year for the USPS POBox for those who don’t like to send money over the internet. We need a fee for Zoom. And finally to purchase business cards.

We are also looking for some money for a group from NWA GO to go to Little Rock and address the Arkansas Legislature Transportation Committee. Currently the State of Arkansas budgets only 2% of Highway Funding to mass transit. We are going to ask for %15. I know we won’t get that much, but ask for more than you really want so you can allow the other side to think they talked you down.

If you have any questions please email me at This is our new email address. I will post our new POBox when I get it this weekend.

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