Make The Ask in 2023

I have written before on our goal of getting citizens out to city and county meetings to support the development of public transit. I just thought of a title for this year’s activism: Make the Ask in 2023.

I will be traveling to “make the ask” to Fayetteville City Hall, Washington DC, and Little Rock. There are travel expenses involved. I will be in DC with the Rail Passengers Association. I will need the conference fee, assorted travel expenses, food, and hotel money. I will make short videos for the NWA GO YouTube channel.

In Little Rock, I, and some other members will meet with the Arkansas House Transportation Committee to ask for highway money to go to mass transit. I want to cover some of our gas and food expenses.

I started a Go Fund Me where I mention other possible trips. But DC and Little Rock are the main trips I want to take.

So here is the link to my Make the Ask 2023 Go Fund Me. A few bucks from each of our members will do it. If you want to send me a check please send it to NWA GO, POBox 8312, Fayetteville AR 72703. Email me at if you have any questions. Thank you in advance.

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