Making Change Taste Good

A few years back a young actor named Adrian Grenier created an organization called SHFT to facilitate environmental change. His idea was that change should taste good. Very clever idea including the name. By taking the “i” out of SHFT he took his ego out of it too. Mostly though, he tried to take the fear out of change by appealing to pleasant sensations. According to Behavioral research you can’t enjoy pleasant sensation and feel fear at the same time. Very clever indeed.

There is more news coming out of NWA GO’s project this year for #MakeTheAsk. I have now heard from Fayetteville City Engineer Chris Brown and I am set up to address the Fayetteville City Council on April 25th.

I have heard from two other schedulers who work for Arkansas’ Congressional delegation in DC. So now I have a meeting schedule in Washington DC that runs like this:

I meet with someone at Rep Steve Womack’s office on March 28 at 1:15 PM. I meet with Ashley Shelton at Rep Ricky Crawford’s office at 4 PM that same day. I meet with Senator John Boozman on March 29th at 4 PM.

Maybe I’m a hick fanboy from Arkansas (and Austin Texas) but I think this is a win.

I’m thinking about my approach. I want to hit them in the money belt of course. Improving passenger rail and making it available in Arkansas will create many high paying construction and railroad jobs. It will improve the lives of people who provide and use the service. It will make Arkansas look good.

I want this to taste good to them.

Once again please support my fundraiser so I can make this trip. I’m using points to pay for a chunk of my travel and hotel. And I need to eat. So please give even a couple of bucks. It all helps.

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