What Is Our Point?

Recently I have been asked who is our audience? I also receive suggestions about which big businesses, and which state and Federal agencies to approach with our ideas. Some of us may wonder, are we looking for a rescuer to come and save us? Are we waiting for someone with some juice to decide to do something for us? This may be the time to clear the air and discuss, “Who are we talking to”?

Since I describe us as a group of community activists, our basic audience is the voter. The citizen. The one who cares about the environment. We are about protecting and nurturing our place on Earth. We are about good paying jobs. We are about engaging with our community and using a democratic approach to solve practical problems. We want our fellow citizens to understand the business climate, the technology to get us around, how this will save lives… and money. How this will make lives better. Mostly I want citizens to own this process by participating in making this happen. This is our project, this is for us. If we do this then we make it happen. If someone else does it, then it happens to us. Which do you prefer?

Of course corporations are made up of people. So yes, I will reach out to corporations, and business groups like NW Council or a Chamber of Commerce. But in doing so I am reaching out to people. Our audience. We will talk about being proactive instead of waiting and becoming reactive. As I said above, I want us to make this happen rather than let it happen to us. This process belongs to us. Let’s act on it.

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